Illinois is a great state to live in, and anyone who lives there knows how lucky they are to be there. And if you live in Waukegan, Illinois, then you’re even luckier! There are so many great things to do there, like going to the theater to see some of the great acts that come in, hit some of the great bars or restaurants, or have fun at the water park. When it comes to having a good time, there’s really no bad idea when you’re talking about entertaining yourself snow on rooftop with chimneyand your people in Waukegan. Now that the holidays are just around the corner, however, you’ll probably be spending more time at home and less time out and about, especially if the weather gets cold and snowy! Once that winter weather does hit for good, it’ll be easier to stay at home when you’ve got a snapping, crackling fire going in your fireplace. Before that happens, though, you’ll want to make sure that everything is running exactly the way it should be so that your home and your family are kept safe and healthy all winter long.

Most people think about getting their fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned during the spring or summer, or even during the fall if earlier doesn’t work out. And those are the ideal times to do this job. But just because you may have missed this time frame doesn’t mean that you should just not do it at all. It’s never too late in the year, even now, when it’s getting cold and snowy. In fact, with the holidays just around the corner, it’s even more important that you have everything checked out before you have those holiday parties. You’ll be having lots of family and friends over to help you enjoy the happiness of the season, and the last thing you’d want is for them to get sick because of a faulty heating system.

Some Things We’ll Be Looking For

There are many things we’ll need to look for when we come in and inspect your fireplace. One of the first things that we’ll check out is how much creosote there is in your chimney. When the process of combustion occurs, moisture and chemicals rise in the form of smoke. This smoke is directed out of the house through the chimney, but when that moisture hits the upper level of the chimney, it condenses onto the cooler interior, where it forms a layer of creosote. This can be either black or brown, sticky or crumbly, and the problem is that is can have a really bad odor. Even worse, though, is the fact that it is highly flammable. Even as little as an eighth of an inch of creosote is enough to catch a spark and cause a chimney fire. While some chimney fires are devastating events, most actually go undetected, which leads to another thing that we’ll be looking for when we come into your home and inspect your chimney.

If you’ve had a chimney fire and didn’t know it, you could very well have damage to the interior of your chimney that is going to cause bigger problems if you don’t get them fixed up. One area that could be damaged is your chimney liner. It’s important that your chimney liner is completely smooth so that the smoke can slide through easily. A chimney fire could have caused cracks or breaks in your liner, and that means that you’ll have a less efficient burning experience. The mortar that holds the bricks together could have been weakened as well, and that means that the structure of your chimney might be compromised.


We’ll also be looking for other areas where your chimney might be leaking. This is important for a couple of reasons. First, if you have water leaking into your chimney, it could cause the mortar to wear down and threaten the integrity of your chimney structure. Water leaking into your home can cause the ceilings and walls around your fireplace and chimney to get weak and saggy, and that means major repairs that will take a toll on your bank account. But cracks could also mean that the chemicals in your smoke that should be directed out of your home are being let back in instead. Some of those chemicals include benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. If carbon monoxide is being directed back into your home, you could have some serious health problems. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is also toxic. Exposure can cause nausea, headaches, and dizziness, and if left untreated, it can cause a person to lose consciousness or even to die. This is why it’s so important that you make sure that no leaks exist.

Call in the Best

When you want the best, the chimney service to call is Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair. Our CSIA-certified professionals have the best training, the best on-going education, and offer the best service in the industry. At Jiminy Chimney, we have the authority, the understanding, and the comprehensive know-how to make sure that all parts of your chimney are in top working order. Let us check out your chimney now so that you can enjoy every minute of those holiday parties, knowing your family and friends are safe from the dangers of a neglected chimney and fireplace!