When you’re building something, it is of utmost importance to make certain that all areas that need to be sealed together are sealed. If you’re making a box, you have to make sure that every side meets – leaving no gaps for the contents to slip through. However, it’s extremely hard to make that perfect seal sometimes. Have you ever wondered how carpenters manage to make that seal, where the roof meets the chimney, so tight? This is such an important area to keep tight and secure. If it is not, you may get water leaking into your home. Not only do water-stained ceilings and walls look terrible, but they also can be dangerous. Soft ceiling tiles do not support weight well, and the worst case would be having your ceiling fall on top of you. There is a very simple solution to avoid all of this madness: chimney flashing.

What is Chimney Flashing?

Significance of Flashing Repair - Chicago IL - Jiminy Chimney Masonry & RepairIf you go outside and take a closer look at your roof, you’ll notice that where the chimney meets the roof have some metal sheets. These sheets are your flashing, and they are an excellent line of defense to prevent leaks. These sheets are strategically layered so that they create an excellent seal, preventing precipitation from sneaking in by way of the joint, where your chimney meets your roof. However, even though these sheets are very effective, they can still fall into a state of disrepair or even get blown off your roof if bad weather strikes.

Ways You Can Tell if Your Chimney is Leaking

If you observe water dripping from around your chimney, then it’s a clear sign of chimney leaks. There are also less obvious signs. For instance, if you notice a musty smell coming from your chimney, it means there is a leak, from the water mixing with the creosote that has built up inside your chimney. Another sign of chimney leaks is you will notice the ceiling paper or wallpaper by your chimney peeling or water-stained, and if the woodwork by your fireplace is weakened, you should definitely be concerned about a leak.

Get Your Flashing Repaired

Although there are several things that can cause leaks, the chimney flashing is a good place to start looking. When Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair comes to check out your chimney for its annual inspection and sweeping, one thing we check out is the chimney flashing. If it is loose or in a state of disrepair, we’ll recommend a replacement as soon as possible to ensure your home is protected from any future precipitation. You can trust our qualified staff to replace your flashing and keep your home clean and dry.