Homeowners know to inspect and clean your chimney annually. There are several things that your chimney sweep will be looking for: creosote and sooty buildup, blockages, and structural damage. But did you know that there are also three levels of chimney inspection? When you give us a call here at Jiminy Chimney Masonry & Repair, you know that we’ll give you an honest opinion on just the right type of inspection you need.

Levels of Inspection

Advantages of Video Chimney Inspections - Chicago IL - Jiminy ChimneyIf you have maintained your chimney like you should if you have it cleaned and inspected annually, and if you take good care of it after you burn a fire, you probably can get by with a level one inspection. In this case, we look at all the accessible parts of your chimney and fireplace. We also make sure everything is sound and secure and that all the parts are working like they should be.

A level two inspection is the next step up. If you’ve changed the type of fuel you use in your fireplace, if you’ve had a flue replacement, or if you’ve completely changed the heating appliance you use, you’ll want a level two inspection. This level of inspection is also required if you are selling your home. This inspection goes more in-depth than a level one. We’ll go in and conduct a video inspection so that we can look into the interior of your chimney. We also look for obstructions or other damage. Finally, we check to see if the joints and other internal parts of your chimney are functioning properly.

The third level of inspection is required if damage has been discovered in your chimney during your level one or two inspections. This requires breaking down some of your existing chimney and major repairs.

Advantages of Video Inspection

As you can see, different types of inspection are appropriate at different times. It’s pretty obvious that a video inspection is a good route to go if you want to make sure that there is no internal damage to your chimney. If you suspect chimney damage, have us come in with our video equipment and make sure that no major repair work is necessary. Give us a call at Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair in Chicago, IL!