A warm, crackling fire in the fireplace is what many people look forward to on those cold fall nights. If you were thinking ahead, you probably spent some time this summer getting a stockpile of firewood. Even if you didn’t go out and chop firewood, you are probably in search of firewood now. However, before you buy, make sure you know what to look for when purchasing the right firewood.

Types of Wood

a pile of firewoodThere are different types of firewood that are suited for indoor burning. If you’re looking for a long burning wood, look for a hardwood such as oak or a hard maple. The benefits of hardwoods include a long lasting burn, which means you won’t have to get up as often to add more wood to the fire. It also offers a cleaner burn with less smoke. Hardwoods also burn a hotter fire. There are just something wonderful about the smell of wood burning, and there are types of wood that you can use that will give an especially pleasant aroma. Applewood and cherry wood give off a slightly fruity odor that smells wonderful. Walnut, Sycamore, and birch are also good hardwoods to use.

You can also burn softwoods such as cedar, red pine, and fir. However, there are disadvantages to burning softwoods. One of them is that it burns quickly. If you’re looking to sit and enjoy a long fire without having to get up to add firewood often, then you’ll want to buy hardwoods. Another disadvantage of softwood is that it can burn smokier, which can make it uncomfortable. It also cause creosote to build up more quickly in your chimney system.

Choose Seasoned Wood

It’s important to make sure, whether you’re burning hard or soft wood, that it’s been properly seasoned. When you’re buying wood, look for wood that is lighter in color and less aromatic, which indicates it was seasoned for a sufficient amount of time. If there are cracks around the cut edges, this also indicates that the wood has been dried for a proper length of time. Try hitting two pieces of wood together; it should make a hollow thunking sound rather than a dull thud.

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