Repairing a Chimney Crown Image - Chicago IL - Jiminy Chimney Masonry & RepairIf you have a working fireplace in your home, you know the enjoyment of sitting in front of a warm, crackling blaze – relaxing after a hard day’s work. However, think about the structure of your chimney. How much do you really know? It’s pretty obvious that the chimney is made to direct the smoke from your fire out of your home. So, wouldn’t it seem equally as obvious that any structure that allows something out could just as easily allow other things in?

Why don’t you have rain dripping down into the firebox, or dry leaves or other debris that could blow down your chimney? Why don’t you have frequent visits from birds and animals that make their way down your chimney? The answer to these questions are simple! There are parts to your chimney that stop these things from happening. Additionally, some of these parts aren’t necessarily visible as you look up at the top of the chimney.

Chimney Cap

One of the protective elements that your chimney has is a chimney cap. This is typically a wire mesh formation that fits inside the top of your chimney. The mesh format makes it easy for smoke to escape. It also keeps leaves, debris, and animals out. It’s pretty easy to see why a chimney cap is an important piece of your chimney system!

Chimney Crown

An often overlooked piece of your chimney’s makeup is the chimney crown. Whereas the chimney cap is located inside the top of your chimney, the chimney crown is located over the top of your chimney. In appearance, it looks like a little roof. This major part of your chimney’s anatomy actually keeps rain out. It should have a downward sloped edge that overhangs the chimney by a good two inches. This slope directs the rain away from the interior of your chimney.

Unfortunately, because your chimney crown sits right at the top of your home, it is exposed to the harsh effects of weather. Wind, rain, sleet, and snow can cause damage to the mortar of your chimney crown. Another cause of damage could be that your chimney crown was not properly constructed – or the wrong type of mortar may have been used in the construction of your chimney crown.

Is It That Important?

Your chimney crown is a strong defense against a leaky chimney. Think a leaky chimney isn’t that big of a deal? If so, you need to rethink! A leaky chimney can cause damage to the interior of your home. This means that on top of paying a repair bill for structural damage to your chimney, you may also be looking at remodeling bills for the interior of your home.

Get Your Crown Repaired

Give the experts at Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair a call if you notice signs of water leakage in or around your fireplace. They’ll give your chimney crown a thorough inspection and will repair the damage before extra repair work becomes necessary!