Keeping Your Smoke Chamber Clean Image - Chicago IL - Jiminy Chimney Masonry & RepairIt’s spring cleaning time! Time to get your windows clean and your floors shiny. What’s a greater feeling than to come home to a house that’s clean and fresh smelling? If you want to maintain that sweet smell throughout the summer season, make sure that you schedule an appointment to have your fireplace system inspected and cleaned. The CSIA certified specialists at Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair will make sure that every part of your chimney is in excellent working condition!

Smoke Chamber

One of the lesser known parts of your chimney is the smoke chamber. Your smoke chamber is located above the damper but below the flue. The purpose of the smoke chamber is to receive the exhaust gases from the firebox and direct them up and out through the chimney flue. This will compress the gases without creating a back-draft and promotes a good draft. This is great because you won’t have a smoke-filled room whenever you light a fire. In the warm, damp summertime, however, a dirty smoke chamber can add unpleasant odors to your home.

Mortar, Not Factory Built Fireplaces

Do you have a factory built fireplace? If so, don’t bother looking for a smoke chamber; they are present in mortar fireplaces, not factory built. It’s going to have a vertical back and sloped sides and front, and that degree of slope should be the same to help get a good draft going. Another thing that will make for a good draft are the walls – they should be as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, some smoke chambers have a corbelled design. This means they’re staggered with the higher bricks sticking out further than the lower bricks. It’s pretty clear that this is a problem. This is because it will prevent the smoke from flowing easily up to the flue from the firebox and then out the chimney. In addition, it will also make it easier for residue from the smoke to stick to the sides.

So, what to do if you have that corbelled design? You parge, that’s what you do! Parging refers to the process of applying mortar to the smoke chamber walls to create a smooth finish. This smooth finish helps reduce the drag on the smoke that rises from your fire. Not only will you get a smooth route for the smoke to escape, you can also seal up any gaps that may have opened up over time. Also, as an added bonus, you are adding a layer of insulating mortar to your smoke chamber.


Jiminy Chimney knows the importance of keeping your smoke chamber clean. When the smoke chamber is clean, it leaves a smooth passageway for the smoke from your fire to exit your home. When your smoke chamber is dirty, it makes for a rough surface that smoke will cling to. Consequently, that means a bigger build-up of creosote. Jiminy Chimney will make sure that your smoke chamber is smooth and clean, whether that means parging your smoke chamber or just giving it a thorough cleaning. Give them a call today and you’ll soon know your house is clean. All the way from the basement to the smoke chamber in your fireplace!