There are many different ways to say the same thing… Some people say that you make a mistake; others might say you made an error. In some parts of the country you wear rain boots; in others, you wear galoshes. You might drink soda; someone else might drink pop. Honestly, these things make no difference at all. You’re merely using different words for the same thing. But sometimes people use words interchangeably that shouldn’t be used in that way. If you want to drink tea, don’t ask for coffee. If you’re a chimney owner, you might interchange the term chimney cap with chimney crown. These are two very different things, and you want to make sure that you’re talking about the right thing when you’re talking to your chimney professionals.

The Purpose of a Chimney Crown

All About Chimney Crowns and Caps - Chicago IL - Jiminy ChimneyA chimney crown is a slab, usually made of metal or cement, that is constructed over the top of your chimney to protect it from water damage. It’s constructed with a sloping design, which is important because that keeps the precipitation out of your flue. This is the first line of defense that your chimney has from water damage, and it’s very important that it is constructed from the right materials and with the proper design.

The Purpose of a Chimney Cap

Many people confuse their chimney crown with their chimney cap. Although this is a common mistake, it’s important to know that there is a difference, especially when discussing necessary repairs with your chimney professional. The chimney cap sits on top of the opening of your chimney and serves double duty; it keeps rain and animals out of your chimney while making sure that sparks don’t float out of your chimney and onto the roof. This is a second, but equally important, defense against precipitation getting into your chimney. But its function of keeping animals and birds out is an equally important function of the chimney cap. Beyond just being noisy, animals and birds can leave behind nests which dry out and can become spark catchers, opening up the possibility of a costly and dangerous chimney fire.

It’s easy to see why the chimney cap and crown are so important in protecting your fireplace system, and why it’s important to keep them in a good state of repair. Because they sit on the top of your house, they are exposed to rough weather, which makes them more susceptible to cracks, crumbles, or breakage. At Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair, we specialize in making sure that all parts of your chimney are in top-notch condition, including your chimney crown and cap. We take special care to look for any damage caused by weathering and exposure to the harsh winters of Illinois. Our professionals are CSIA certified, so you can rest assured that our training includes the latest techniques to make sure your chimney cap and crown are in great shape.