Most people take the luxury of a clothes washer and dryer for granted until they don’t have one. If you are stuck without one, you’ll learn to take good care of the washer and dryer that you have. For your washing machine, this can mean making sure that there is ample room between the washer and the wall so the hose isn’t kinked. It also means making sure it’s level and not being overload. There are steps you can take to make sure that your dryer is running as safely and efficiently as possible, too.

Caring for Your Dryergreenish dryer vent close up

A clothes dryer really is a simple machine. It runs on the concept that warm air will dry clothes. Your clothes go into a drum with spokes in it. The drum turns and the spokes carry your clothes around and around. During this process, the warm air that is pushed through the drum and helps dry and fluff the clothes during their fall. The problem is that these clothes give off small particles, lint, that has to go somewhere. That’s what the lint screen is for. As the air is pushed out of your dryer through the dryer vents, it first goes through the lint screen and that’s where all that lint collects.

Clear Out Dryer Lint

Everyone knows how important it is to clear out the lint screen after every load or two of clothes. Unfortunately, some of the lint still gets through the screen and flows through the dryer vents. Because the lint is damp, some of it sticks and collects on the sides of the vents. This build-up can affect efficiency and safety. This can cause your dryer to run slower, as the motor must work harder to push the air through the blocked opening. This may cause extra cycles to be run, using up more and more energy. This extra work causes wear and tear on the motor. Most dangerously, that lint buildup is a fire hazard. All it would take is one spark for the lint to erupt in flames, causing a devastating home fire.


The solution is simple, to give Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair a call and let us clean out your dryer vents. We have the equipment to do the job efficiently and cleanly, and we can have this job done in no time at all. Keeping your family safe from a home fire ignited from full dryer vents is just that easy.